Spa Day with my Boys (Gene Juarez at Uvillage, Seattle)

kids haircut at Gene juarez
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I have to admit I let out a little joyous squeal when I received an email inviting me to come visit Gene Juarez in Uvillage, Seattle with my guys for haircuts. I have enjoyed many haircuts/colors/mani-pedis at Gene Juarez( and even at their Academy) over the years so of course, this one was a no-brainer.  But it was even more karmatic that day because I was just going to book my kids’ haircuts so they would look good for my cousin’s wedding where they were going to be ring bearers. (Double ring-bearers. Just wait till you see pics!)
So the day of the cuts I explained to the duo that this was mommy’s fancy salon and it would be a little different than where they usually get their haircut.
And they knew.
They noticed the bubble drop lights from the ceiling and the over-sized mirrors.

cute kids' robe at gene juarez uvillage
They loved the mini kids robes.

Gene Juarez with kids
And they carefully sipped their icy-cold waters from glass cups while we waited for our stylists.

selflie at gene juarez
I totally felt like I was getting the mommy/son spa day I’ve dreamed about sometimes when my girlfriends head out with their girls.
And one of the guys whispered to me: “we should have put on our fancy outfits”(because he had earlier insisted on soccer wear) so he totally knew this was a special occasion too.
There aren’t any kids books or toys or tv’s like usual kid’s salons but we were there to have fun together and we spent the time taking selfies, talking about our day and reading a couple books I had on my phone: (Let’s Play Football is a big hit for my guy who is all-sports-all-the-time!)

hair wash station at uvillage gene juarez
The guys soon met their friendly stylists who asked them (and me) how we wanted our styles.  Then they headed to the washing station. I think this is where my guys totally fell in love with the whole Gene Juarez experience.

awesome hair washing in seattle
The stylists were so awesome about chatting with my guys, so I just sat back and read a magazine and peeked in a little because I couldn’t help myself.

synchronized haircut

After the cut, one of my guys mentioned how happy he was that they were so careful about not getting any hair down his shirt. He is usually quite itchy after a haircut and this was the first time we didn’t need to head home immediately to shower off.

haircut and eating at Din Tai Funghaircut from Gene Juarez

Instead we went to Din Tai Fung with grandma and grandpa who swooned about the kids’ hair. I LOVE the decor of Din Tai Fung’s Uvillage location and we could eat plates of their green beans alone.  Their shave ice is pretty magical too.  (FYI get there before 5:30pm for dinner or be prepared to wait a long time.)

din tai fung shave ice dessert
So we had a lovely day at Uvillage (one of my favorite places to shop in Seattle) and I was so pleased with how amazing the cuts looked.  I know we’ll be back and we loved hanging out with Nova and Royce, who were so great with my guys.  And as for the wedding-of course we’ll have some more pictures soon, but here are a few teasers:

ring bearers wearing teal bowties practicing to be ring-bearers

(PS. we did receive free haircuts from Gene Juarez-thank you Gene Juarez!- but the opinions here are my own.  I’m totally glad they contacted me, because I never would have thought that kids could actually go there and now I do, so we’ll be back.)

(PPS. we ordered the boys bow-ties and suspenders for the wedding from an etsy shop called theBoytique to match the bridesmaid’s dresses and they turned out awesome too!)

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