Why I’ll be visiting Science World a lot more this year (Vancouver, British Columbia)

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Yes, science museums are a good thing for kids.  They help with STEM building (a word that’s super trendy in kid education lately that just means Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  I had to look it up because I thought it meant brain surgery or rocket science or something way more revolutionary, but really it seems like pretty much the same thing kids were told they should be learning a long time ago when I was in school and should be learning now too) and they are usually quite fun.  (One of the best science museums we have ever been to with kids was the Exploratorium in San Francisco and I’m also a big fan of OMSI in Portland, but I digress.)

But Science World at the Telus World of Science, the science museum in Vancouver, British Columbia has something to offer even more compelling than just helping with STEM.

A short drive away are the most delicious cream puffs in the universe at Beta 5 chocolates, a chocolate shop that claims to have some of the best chocolate in North America.  (I agree.)

beta 5 chocolates

They are a tasteful pairing of science and art: each one an engineering marvel that has perfectly experimented with flavors to create an amazing combination.  It would be a shame NOT to research them all.

cream puffs at Beta 5

So we’ll have to go back.

And thankfully Science World is also quite an amazing museum.

I grew up coming here when I was little and some of the same things my sister and I remember like a beaver dam you can tunnel through or even this beaver you can touch and hug are still here.

a little snake beaver at science world

But there are many new areas that have been made since that time.  We really loved this installation called Ning Ning by Seattle Artists Karen Garrett de Luna and Cadin Batrack that became more intricate the longer we sat still and watched.

ning ning at Science World in Vancouverwatching Ning Ning at Vancouver Art Museum

We stayed for a while and didn’t even get through the whole museum and next time the kids want to see one of the science shows but they really loved all the hands-on exhibits they had here for them to explore.

learning STEM at Science World

I love that if you don’t want to drive, you can get to Science World by aquabus from Granville Island or by skytrain from virtually anywhere it connects to.

taking the ferry

So knowing Beta5 is the reward for hanging out here, we’ll be coming back quite often.

Because even grownups want to become better scientists and work on STEM. (Even if the reason for research stems primarily from a desire to consume copious amounts of chocolate.)

(PS. if you have a Seattle Pacific Science Center membership it is reciprocal at this museum, so our visit was TOTALLY free!  And if you have a Telus World of Science Science world membership you can visit the Seattle Pacific Science Center.  I think this makes those memberships the perfect experience gifts if you want to buy something for someone that lasts a WHOLE YEAR.  )


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