A fancy snack shop in Vancouver BC (Ayoub’s Dried Fruits and Nuts)

  • Terumi
  • March 11, 2015
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ayoubs fruit and nuts in vancouver a specialty shop
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Many of our adventures in Vancouver end up at UBC, the hubby’s and my Alma Mater and it’s always fun to grab a few snacks somewhere along the way.  Sometimes we stop at Solly’s for bagels and treats or Lucky’s donuts and 49th Parallel Coffee so we have something to much on during a visit to the Museum of Anthropologie or the other attractions that we like to go visit there for fun now that we’re no longer students.

ayoub's dried fruits and nuts in vancouver bc

And then sometimes we find new-to-us places like Ayoub’s Dried Fruits and Nuts, which we stumbled into after shopping at some stores nearby.  I loved the chandeliers and beautiful decor in the store.  (Don’t you just love when a shopping experience is just as good as the purchases we make?  This is why I still love shopping in stores even though there are so many places to buy things online nowadays.)

ayoub dried fruits and nuts in vancouver bc

They boys were thrilled with all the samples they were offered and it was magical just picking up some of our own snacks from the gorgeous silver urns.

snacks and places to see in vancouver with kids

And nuts and dried fruits make such great snacks for kids that I didn’t mind that they wanted to try a bunch.  (Don’t worry, of course we made sure to assist them.  I do not like when kids use grimy hands on things we grownups want to eat.)we made sure to help the kids get these at ayoub's fruit and nuts in vancouver

So the kids and I really enjoyed this place and they liked the autonomy of being able to see and choose their own snacks and I’m glad to find another place to stop at in our hometown.  Have you ever seen another nut store like this one?

(PS. the bookstore at UBC has an amazing selection of books for kids and Kidsbooks on nearby Broadway is one of my ultimate favorite kid’s bookstores ever.)


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