Where not to find Bluebonnets in Dallas (Dallas with kids)

wrong way in dallas for bluebonnets
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I wanted to do something “very Texas” in Texas and I noticed everyone posting pictures of bluebonnets when I was there.  So I asked around and apparently spring is bluebonnet season and you need to get your picture sitting in the bluebonnets and the best place to see them near us was the “Bluebonnet Trail” in a place called Ennis that is about an hour or so from Dallas.

I typed “Bluebonnet Trail” into our Google Maps app and it looked like it was in the right spot so off we went.

Braum's Ice Cream

We found a great stop for ice cream at Braum’s on the way where we had some inexpensive and delicious soft-serve.

stop for ice cream near bluebonnet trail

And we were lucky enough to see some bluebonnets at Bluebonnet Park in Ennis too!  This place had a great playground and a lake and hills covered in bluebonnets and the kids had a great time playing around while I snapped pictures to my hearts content.

sitting in bluebonnets at Bluebonnet Parkbluebonnet park in ennisbluebonnets in ennisbluebonnet parkbluebonnet park

I knew after seeing this park that Bluebonnet Trail must be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

So off we drove to where our map was taking us until we ended up at a dead-end in a neighborhood with many trailers.

But no bluebonnet fields.

And then I realized my mistake.

Somehow I put “Bluebonnet Trailer” and not “Bluebonnet Trail” into my map app. And that is why instead of pretty flowers, we were driving through the Bluebonnet RV Park.

And that is when we decided we had enough looking for flowers and it was time to go back to the hotel.  So before you go, if you actually want to find the Bluebonnet Trail, THIS is probably where you should look to find bluebonnets in Ennis.

But I loved our adventure and I love how misadventures sometimes lead to the best travel memories.  If you do go to the actual Bluebonnet Trail, I’d love to hear about it and see your pictures!

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