Because I heard cows roam freely in the roads in Fort Worth

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  • May 7, 2015
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watching the fort with cows with kids
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When I told people I was going to Dallas, everyone told me about the cows in Fort Worth.  You need to see the cows!  THE COWS!!!!  Kind of like that. So of course I was intrigued.

I looked it up and found out the cows everyone was talking about are in a herd that gets rounded up twice a day or so in downtown Fort Worth. You can read the exact details here, because sometimes I get things wrong and end up on crazy adventures like this one.

But we were excited and woke up early one morning in Dallas and headed to Fort Worth (it was about 30 minutes to drive there) and waited for the 11:30 am cattle drive.    While we were waiting we paid $5 per kid to SIT on a cow.  (I thought this was a little pricey and found that most of the activities in the area were a little on the spendy side.)  It was fun to explore the area and all the cute little shops though.  It was also neat to find some empty cobblestone streets but the guys didn’t really want to take pictures.  They wanted to see the cows.

hanging out in fort worth

And then the cows came through.


fort worthkids love tea collection

I can see why this is something people talk about, even in Seattle. I’m glad we visited and I wish we had room in our suitcases to pick up hats and boots and cool cowboy things, but that will be something we do next time.

Afterwards we headed to a cool festival that was happening in the area.

We listened to some sweet country music.

Main Street Arts Festival in Fort Worth

Found the coolest shave ice stand.

snow cone machine at Main Street Arts Festivalflavor station shave ice

And downloaded Deep in the Heart of Texas and some other Texas theme songs for our drive back to Dallas.  (I found a cool 100-best Texas song list here.)

Do you ever get a soundtrack for your trip?  And have you ever seen cows run through a city or anything like this?  I’d love to hear.

(PS. we stayed at a great Embassy Suites in Dallas if you’re looking for places to stay with kids in Dallas/Fort Worth.  The pool was awesome and parking was free and it was pretty convenient to the city and all the places we wanted to go.  We rented a car and our best deal this time came from Costco.)

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