Because the world needs more black rhinos and amazing human beings (Chizi’s tale, a review)

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  • June 11, 2015
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a book about endangered black rhinos for kids
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My kids don’t know Jack Jones, but I wish they did.  He’s a senior in high school in Connecticut and I think he must love animals as much as my guys do because he has written an amazing book about a black rhino and when I heard about his book “Chizi’s Tale” I knew we had to read it.  My guys have a friend in their kindergarten class who went to South Africa last year and told them all about how black rhinos are almost extinct.  When they heard that news, black rhinos were added to my guys list of animals they want to try and help save, so now we have toucans, tigers, polar bears and black rhinos all on the list.

And what is this list?  Because of their obsession with all things Octonauts (I can’t believe this has gone on for more than 2 years now. TWO YEARS!!!!) and their visits to the Toucan Rescue Ranch, the Singapore Zoo and then most recently, the Belize Zoo, my kids are insistent that THEY WILL BE ANIMAL RESCUERS when they grow up and I will have to visit them in wherever place in the world HAS THE MOST ANIMALS THAT NEED RESCUING!!!!

So I told them that reading this book is one small way we can help rescue animals.  100% of the book’s proceeds goes to helping save animals in the world.

reading Chizi's tale with grandpa

And the guys read the book with their grandpa the day it arrived.  (I thought this was so fitting too.  My dad is the one who has been taking ME to zoos all over the world since I was very young.) And my guys have been reading it ever since.

I am so excited that 100% of the proceeds of the book goes to, an African wildlife conservation organization and I can’t imagine a more perfect role model for my guys than the book’s author Jack Jones.  I love that he learned about protecting and preserving nature from his summers traveling to Africa as a child. This book reinforces my desire to travel as a family and the belief that traveling and getting to know the world inspires big ideas and amazing dreams in kids.

So we wish you the best of luck Jack, we love what you are doing to help animals and my guys are so inspired by you.  And lovely friends who read this, if your kids love animals too, this book, this Chizi’s tale is not just fun to read together, but it gives back when you buy it too!  (And that in itself brought on a whole conversation with my kids!)

Do your kids have a favorite book about animals that they like to read?  Or special animals that they love?  We’re always looking for new books like this one and we love to hear how kids around the world are helping to protect their animal friends.

(PS. I was given a copy of this book for review but was not required to post about it and I’m so glad it ended up in my hands because this book is DEFINITELY the type of book that we love in our house!)


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