To the two guys in my life I can always count on to read my posts

cute coffee in Seattle from la reve in queen anne
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I watched an emotional video put out by a marketing company in my hometown-an old classmate of mine is actually in the video-and it made me tear up and realize how much I take the time I have with both of you for granted.  We do take a lot of people for granted in life, don’t we?

Dad, I’m so thankful for you. My love of zoos, coffee, travel and books comes from you and what else does that leave in my life?  Thank you for nurturing my joie de vivre and I love watching you be a grandpa.

To my dear hubby. Love, I’m thankful for every day, even the mundane, boring ones.  Do we ever have those? I’ve had so much fun on this adventure so far and the boys are so lucky to have such a kind and caring dad.

And for all my planning for travel and other things, I’m sorry that I’m horrible at the big days.  I don’t do well with the pressure of “NAME” days, like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.
So thankfully, the Sounders took care of any Father’s Day fan fare that I might have needed to put together for today.  This was such a nice surprise!

sounders fans

Dad, I think you’re destined to be a soccer fan, specifically a Seattle Sounders Soccer fan.  I think these guys in your life will make sure of it.

And to all the other great men in my guys’ lives-my father and brothers in law, my uncles, and soccer/baseball/swimming coaches and our man friends who get coerced to play hockey with my guys in the basement or come to piano concerts.  We are lucky to have you.  You are amazing.  And we should tell you that more often.

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