Debating whether or not to get ready for school on a Monday

park with low basketball hoops in seattle
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We live in Seattle where our lovely teachers are trying to guarantee that ALL of our kids get enough recess among other things like not having to work for free (no one should work for free!) and I totally adore anyone who stands up for my kids.  So we may or may not have a little more summer this week if they strike and I’m totally okay with not getting ready for school until the last minute anyways.

I would even support ALL DAY RECESS.  (Isn’t kid work supposed to be play?)

And I would like some recess too.

So if we don’t go back to school this week, the kids and I will be working on our 50 northwest parks of summer in honor of respecting recess.  I think we made it to about 35 parks total which is an okay number and allows for a little room to best it next year.  In our defense, there are a few parks on our list that we probably visited 50 times, but we made things difficult with the rule that we could only count each park ONCE and we didn’t count the beaches and national parks we visited that didn’t have playgrounds.

If you love going to parks on drippy fall days in Seattle like we do, I am finding this Penfield jacket I purchased at Sunchild something I really love and I noticed it was on sale.  (It was really useful on a windy/rainy adventure we recently had on Vancouver Island!)

ferry ride on the Black Ball

I have also recently reached over 50 workouts with Classpass, which has been like recess for me. Because of it, I’ve tried a bunch of new exercise classes all over Seattle and it’s worked out fabulously and I don’t know if I thought I’d ever reach 50 classes when I started back in November.

So maybe we’ll make our goal of 50 parks after all.  Who needs to get ready for school anyways? Yay for summer!

If you had a little more summer where you are, what would you do?

(PS Only 40 or so weeks and we are back to summer again!)



4 thoughts on “Debating whether or not to get ready for school on a Monday

  1. We live in Utah and the kids have been in school since August 19th but today we checked get snow cones and see InsideOut off our summer list. We likely have 6 weeks of “nice” weather before its too cold so we hope to get a few hikes in and maybe one more camping trip, we didn’t ride our light rail train or visit the children’s museum enough but we could do those in the fall/winter.

    1. I would love to hear if you camp somewhere-Utah just seems so beautiful and probably even more gorgeous in the fall too!

  2. I love finding other Seattle bloggers! I hope the teachers get what they want/deserve, and I’ll have to pin your park post. How fun!

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