Sea Bands for Seasickness in Seattle

Do you get seasickness stand up paddleboarding
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I was sent some Sea Bands and a gift card in exchange for this post from Momsmeet, but the opinions below are my own.

Seattle is so lucky to be surrounded by so much water.  We have islands to visit and lakes to swim in.  There are many opportunities to get in a boat, hop up on a stand-up paddle board or even take a ferry to one of our nearby islands.  This summer was so beautifully sunny that we spent a bunch of time on boats.  My guys even participated in another awesome boating summer camp at the Mohai this year; last year they loved the one at Moss Bay too. One thing about riding boats is that for many people getting seasick is a big fear so I’m happy that I was sent something that might help.

Do you worry about seasickness when you boat?

I don’t get seasick but I had horrific morning sickness when I was pregnant with my twins.  I spent way too much time sprawled out flat on our chilly tile floor in the bathroom wishing for relief.  I didn’t really think that there was much you could do for the nausea and I didn’t want to use medication.  Sea-Band is just a band that presses on the accupressure points that might relate to how we get nausea and if I had known about it I totally would have tried it out.  I’m not medical so I don’t know if they really work or how they work, but I would have tried out ANYTHING that was not medicine to help with the nausea.  Having morning sickness is totally not fun, not happy and not something I ever want to experience again.

What do Sea Bands look like?

For seasickness this Sea-Band brand has the same type of bands they have for morning sickness and I have some family members that get really sea sick so I want to use them the next time we travel by boat with them.  I was also sent some ginger lozenges that probably would have been really helpful on a recent really rocky ferry ride that we took from Seattle to Victoria.  The kids and I drank Ginger Ale and the ferry people handed out ginger candies which helped with the nausea but there were so many people around us who got sick.  Having something like Sea Bands in my bag would have made me feel a lot more reassured with all the miserable, pale green faces around me. Getting nauseous just makes things miserable and can totally wreck a trip.

Sea Bands packaging

ginger lozenges for anti-nausea

Anyways, I thought that this product would be something my audience of travelers and parents would want to know about it.  I didn’t know about it before and I’m going to keep the bands in my first aid kit for the next time we go traveling by boat.

(PS. As stated about I was sent Sea Bands and a gift card for this post, and I only accept sponsored posts for products and services that I think will be helpful to my audience and the opinions in this piece are my own.)

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