In Tents: Recess Monkeys at Teatro Zinzanni


May 8, 2012 by admin

If there is one show to see in Seattle with kids this summer, I think it’s the Recess Monkeys in Tents at Teatro Zinzanni.  (And this is even after having a wailing terrified three-year old in tow.)   The show is pure magic and my boys loved it.  Even the scared one who was the only child in tears in the place.  He was scared of the dark (I forgot about to address this phobia pre-event) and eventually warmed up and liked the “super-beautiful parts”.  By the end, he was all smiles.  Who wouldn’t be? It was absolutely spectacular.

So without spoiling it, here is what to expect: There is a storyline to this concert by the Recess Monkeys and there are some fabulous Teatro Zinzanni circus characters who wind through the story and the whole extravaganza takes place in a darkened theatre lit by gorgeous chandeliers.  (I should have prepped my little guy better.  I saw a little girl carrying her lovey and I think I should have brought one along.)  When you arrive at the tent there are circus games that cost 2 dollars each to play (but all have prizes!  My guys were so excited about the bubble prizes they won they could barely wait to get home to try them.)

There are snacks you can buy like a nutella/jam sandwich pack with juice, chips and grapes for $6.50 or mini popcorn bags (2 for 2 bucks).  When you are finished with the games, you are seated by a host.   If you have a needy/scared of the dark/afraid of loud noises and new situations sensitive child like mine you might want to get a booth.  This way you can curl in the corner with your little one: my guy liked watching the first scenes in the mirror behind the booth while he got used to the new place.  Otherwise if you are seated in chairs your kids may choose to sit with you or join the rest of the kids in the fun mini mosh-pit area near the stage.  (And, once alone, you can pretend you’re on a mini-date at Cirque du Soleil.  Heavenly? Yes, I’m sure.)

For my guys, the highlight of the show was the littlest cast-member (Saffi Watson).  Every time she took to the stage I’m sure every kid in the theatre wanted to run off and join the circus and I know my guys are dying to learn how to swing from the rafters in a hoola hoop now.  I couldn’t believe she was only 10 years old!  Totally talented and amazing.

So, yes, it’s worth the 20-25 dollars a ticket to go to Teatro Zinzanni and it’s probably best for the 3-8 year old range although I had a great time and I’m way older and saw some little teeny ones having a blast too. I have a feeling these shows will definitely all sell out and hope they do because we’re so lucky in Seattle to have such great kid events and we totally need to support them.  The Recess Monkeys have a great sound and funky clothing (I almost forget they’re a kindie-band….I admit I hummed “Popcorn” while we made some the other day) the Teatro Zinzanni actors are talented and endearing and the venue is is just such a “super-beautiful” space.  I hope we can find some time to go again.

(So PS: if you want to save a little cash, choose a Sunday so you can find free street parking nearby.)

(PPS: I forgot to add that there is a bear mascot in the production if that kind of thing scares or delights your little.  Not a real bear, but one of those costume ones: he was quite charming and my sensitive child was not afraid of him.  Just so you know.)

(PPS. FYI: I was given tickets to attend this event at Teatro Zinzanni, but the opinions here are my own.  My husband, if asked, would like to add that he thinks that maybe the sound should be turned down a little more for kids events like these, but he is more of a type-A personality and hyper aware of the impact of loud noises on the tympanum: not necessarily my opinion. )


  1. Mrs. Jenny K says:

    Wow! That totally makes me wish I lived in Seattle!

    • eckids says:

      At least a reason to visit, right? We are pretty lucky though. The popcorn video is on youtube:) if that helps.

  2. Danielle says:

    How did we miss each other?! I was there too:) Roo had a *blast* and was completely wiped out afterward. Holla for the 3 hour nap!

  3. eckids says:

    We were there on Sunday so that might have been why;) Such a fun concert. Totally trying to figure out a weekend we can go again.

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