Thankful Monday (and you better get your Seattle Restaurant Week Reservations) You’re welcome.

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One of the best things about being a bunch of cultures is combining celebrations and on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend I’m always so thankful for my roots because I get two turkey weekends every year.  We had a homemade meal with my family and even though the pie barely survived a 5-year old dumping an entire container of Trader Joe’s cinnamon/sugar on top it we still had a wonderful evening and I’m looking forward to making our thankful thoughts into decor for our next Thanksgiving event this year.

trader joe's cinnamon sugar on pie

So now that I’m stuffed with food and love and feeling warm on this thankful Monday I’m happy to think about all the fabulous things we you can shop for this week.  Like maybe you want the Friends and Family at Cost Plus Coupon for 25% off?  And I saw that Serena and Lilly (I want the rolling storage crates pictured below!) and  Urban Decay Cosmetics are also having 20% off throught the 15th too.

serena and lilly storage crates

Thrifty Northwest Mom posted this deal on these great glass storage jars on Amazon and these are definitely something you might want too!  (I may have bought a couple for my craft room update, we’ll see.)

It’s Seattle Restaurant Week (s) this week and next so you might want to get your reservations and babysitting organized.  I’m totally behind on this one.  Right now I’m looking at La Bete , Staple and Fancy and Cafe Parco. (I love La Bete and haven’t dined at the other two yet but Staple and Fancy has been on my list forever and Cafe Parco just sounds intriguing.  I think we’ll definitely do lunch at the Pink Door too!)

Even in stores things are pretty good right now: my sis and I stopped in at JCrew Uvillage this weekend and it was an additional 25% off 20% off the sale price of many items.  The same thing happened in Peek Kids where I scored a super-soft tshirt for the price of a greeting card and I heard that this will still happen through Monday.  (That’s October 14th, 2013 if you want to be really picky)  And when we drove away, I saw a sign for an extra 20% off sale prices in the Free People and I was so tempted to stop and park again just to check it out.  If these are any indication on how the pre-Christmas sales will be, I think this will be a fabulous year for shopping.  (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!)

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 10.01.42 PM

Another Peek I’m loving right now is this, where I got to be a tastemaker with some of my real-life heroes. It was a lot of fun writing this article and I’m totally honored and I hope you check it out.

I’m also really excited that Recess Monkey is kicking off a bunch of shows at Teatro Zinzanni.  This venue is one of my absolute favorites because it’s literally a big circus tent and the last time we saw Recess Monkey perform there they were phenomenal.  I think they’ll be doing most of the hits from their recent Deep Sea Diver album, but I know they also have a Desert Island CD coming out this week too so maybe they’ll include some of these as well.


And the fall leaves are so beautiful in Seattle that I’m probably going to be taking a ton of pics this week. The guys hammed it up in their cute sweaters at Uvillage and I don’t think there’s a better place to be on a sunny weekend in Seattle.


We also stopped by the UW and had fun picking up leaves and running around.  I think it’s a great spot for taking fall photos and this week looks so sunny, it’ll be a great week for pictures so I’m researching some fun adventures in our city.  One of the guys keeps insisting I “take him to places he’s NEVER been to in Seattle.” and I’m totally up for the challenge.



We are oh so thankful this weekend and I hope you had a lovely weekend too!  Happy Monday!

(PS. I received a copy of the Desert Island Recess Monkey disc for review but we are already Recess Monkey, Caspar Babypants and Manoa DNA obsessed in this family, so these opinions above are definitely my own.)


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