The awesomest park in the world is 3 hours away from Seattle (Terra Nova Rural Park, Richmond, BC)

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Hopefully this got your attention if you like visiting parks with kids because this one is totally worth it.  We’ve been to many parks around the world and we sometimes travel just to see playgrounds like this one in Copenhagen that I saw on pinterest, or this one in Japan in a monkey forest and even just today, I saw this write-up of the new playground at Grand Park in LA that I’m totally putting on our itinerary for when we travel there in the new year.  But the Terra Nova Adventure Park in Richmond, British Columbia is too close to Seattle not to visit and if you go early enough in the morning (like before 9am) you might even get the whole place to yourself.

way up hight at terra nova parkbest park for kids in canada is Terra Nova in Richmond

This slide is probably the highest I’ve ever seen.  My heart was stuck in my throat the whole time my guys climbed up nearly 4 stories to the top, but my sister knew this was a good experience for all of us and helped keep watch even when I couldn’t.  Because she lives in Richmond, we’ve visited Garden City Park to play with boats in a creek and an airplane park where planes fly overhead and a lot of our favorite sushi restaurants are there too.  And it’s so close to Vancouver you could stay in either place.  But I can tell this will be the kid’s first choice now when we ask them where they want to play when we travel north.  When my boys finished terrifying me with the giant slide, they moved on to swinging on ropes like monkeys and flying through the air on a side-by-side flying fox and they were a blur of smiles and movement the whole time.

flying fox at terra nova park in richmondlots of great spots for pictures at tera nova adventure park in Richmondside by side flying fox at terra nova playgroundterra nova playground richmond

playing at terra nova park in Richmond, British Columbia

They could have stayed at Terra Nova Park all morning and I know we’ll be back again soon to explore some more.

(PS. Let me know if you’re heading there for a visit and I’ll totally tell you some of our other favorites in the area too!)

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