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Ritzvill Washington Supercharger for Tesla
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So we’re pretty new to the world of Tesla, and I just started writing about a few of the road trips we’ve taken in one with the kids (we’ve visited Whistler, Couer D’Alene and Vancouver and it’s been really easy to charge and drive on).  And I know that they don’t USUALLY offer coupons or anything.

But today my husband got a referral code in his inbox and there is actual news to support that it’s real because he was pretty surprised.

Apparently this link will work for up to 10 users before October 31st 2015.  It gives you 1000 dollars off your car.  It gives my husband 1000 dollars towards Tesla stuff if you use it.

But what it gives ME is what I’m totally excited about.  Apparently if you refer 5 people you get an invite to the Tesla Gigafactory and my husband has promised that if that happens I totally get to go.  And if you’ve been reading for a while, you know I LOVE factory tours and seeing how things are made and where they come from. So I’m hoping that maybe Mr. Musk will give invites for good effort, because he’s also a twin dad, I’ve been told.

In the spirit of trying, here’s the link, just in case you’re curious.

Go ELECTRICITY! (Doesn’t it feel like it needs a Cheer?)

(PS. FYI this whole post is about the affiliate link that I’ve talked about above.  These opinions are my own.)

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