No bugs for dinner please

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The boys have a book they like to read before bed called “I love you stinkyface“about a boy who is going to bed asking his mom if she’d still love him if he was all these crazy, weird and horrible things.

There is a line in it that goes “…and what if I ate bugs instead of peanut butter.” My guys always chorus a loud EEEEEWW! at this moment.  Well, I totally freaked out when I was making lentil soup the other night.

This is what appeared in my soup:

Gagging.  Frantic phone calls to my sister.  A tweet to foodie-friends on twitter.  A million google-searches later.

Part of lentil.

I guess I see it.

Maybe the guys would have been thrilled.  But honestly, the mystery behind the food is just one more reason I love eating out.









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