Happy Day-AFTER Thanksgiving at Carkeek Park

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I can’t tell you how many years Black Friday has been the big deal for me.  A day where you wake up early and SHOP all day???  Now that is my kind of holiday.  And of course, I’m still shopping all my favorites (Some awesome deals are happening at Anthropologie, Gingiber’s etsy site, Snapbox -where I’ve been getting the prints for my wall collage and so many more.)  BUT I’m doing it with a little more moderation because I’m learning that all the stuff in the world won’t make memories.

Like Thanksgiving.

It started with some turkeys.

easy turkey preschool craft

easy turkey preschool craft

A puddle.

seattle outdoors with kids

carkeek park seattle

Rainboots and a train.

where to see trains in seattle

A thermos full of hot chocolate.

carkeek park seattle


carkeek park

And despite the mess that blew up in my kitchen tonight (I cropped it out of this picture of course!) I’m totally thankful.

making mashed potatos

And thank you for reading and letting me share.

Happy Day After Thanksgiving and Good Shopping wishes to you!

(PS. my pie was a flop this year.  I’m going to have to take another pie class to figure out how to do pre-baked crusts.)

(PPS.  If I inadvertently stumble on any good deals while I clean up, I’ll definitely try to post them too!)



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