24 hours of snow in Suncadia

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We are so snow starved in Seattle right now.  Ever since that icy cold week a few months back where we were teased with just a little hint of snow in our yard (and yes, I let the kids go out even though it was SUPER early!) we haven’t got ANYTHING.

seattle snow in 2014

So when I heard there was a chance of snow last weekend I booked us a getaway.  I thought Suncadia would be perfect because it wasn’t super far away.  They have a tubing park that they make snow for on the weekends and an ice rink.  They also have a pool with waterslides, so I figured we’d be okay even if the weather didn’t work out.

Unfortunately, I have no sense of direction and I also thought this sweet bakery was on the way.  Apparently it’s on the 2 and not the 90.  I’ll remember that for next time.

But we were pretty much there in no time.  I think it was a mere hour and a half from Seattle (I think you have to be careful in winter with weather because you might need chains in bad weather on the 90).  When we got to Cle Elum, our van GPS had no idea where we were, but we just followed the Suncadia signs.

Did I mention that the Seahawks game was on?

suncadia 1-bedroom suite with family
So once we got to our room my three boys did NOT want to go anywhere.  I was sent to find food and I met a blizzard on the way to Cle Elum Safeway which was about 10 minutes away and I was totally thrilled I’d finally found snow.  The good thing about booking one of the suite rooms is that there is a kitchen and it was pretty easy to make lunches and dinners on both of our nights there. (Which is perfect when traveling with kids and it saves a bunch of money too!  It’s also one way I justify getting a spendier room.)

So what can one make for an easy dinner in a hotel room?  Frozen pizza and those ready-bag salads.  Pasta, sauce and steamed veggies. Quesadillas and burritos. We even love takeout because then you still get a restaurant-style meal but the kids get a little break in the behavior department.

snow at suncadia

We didn’t exactly get a TON of snow, but we got enough.  We even took the kids out at night to build a snowman.

suncadia at night in the snow with kids

snowman building at night in suncadia with kids
And the next day after breakfast (oh we adored our waiter at Portals!  He was so sweet with our kids!) we headed out into the winter wonderland.

portals restaurant suncadia kids breakfast

The kids were excited to finally use the sleds we bought a few years ago.

sleddng at suncadia with kids

At one point some deer popped out while we sledded.  We certainly knew they were there because there was a TON of deer poop where we sledded.  (If you’ve been reading a while, you know that I am not a fan of poo.) But I do adore deer.

suncadia deer on the field while we sled with kids

sledding at suncadia near seattle with kids


snow at suncadia where we sled with kids


peeking at deer at suncadia in the snow with kids

We didn’t end up doing the resort tubing (They had ride passes and I think it would be about 10 dollars each time our family went down a hill and got pulled back up by the rope tow.) or the skating (that was a little pricey too, I think it would be about 50 dollars for our family to skate) because by the time we finished sledding it wasn’t the happiest snowy weather-it was more sleet-like so these things weren’t appealing.

But we did use the swimming pool.  The guys both tried the waterslides for the first time (you have to be 42 inches and you ride alone) and I nearly had a heart attack waiting for them at the bottom.  Apparently the slide is pitch black inside and the guys were proud of themselves but they only wanted to go ONCE.  We even ran through the icy rain to try the heated outdoor pool.  It was fun and wonderfully freezing when we got out.

We had such a lovely time at this resort.  I definitely want to come back in the summertime.  I would love to go to the Swiftwater cellars and I’m excited to hike the 1000 steps that they just built.  I think these coal mine trail hikes would also be fun in the summer. But for us, this was the perfect impromptu weekend getaway and my family really enjoyed ourselves and came home refreshed.

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  1. We love hanging out at Swiftwater in the summers. You can order a carafe of wine on the patio and a cheap flatbread and its a great way to spend an afternoon.

    1. I think we’ll have to spend more time in Suncadia! It’s so beautiful-I can’t believe we had never been until last weekend. I’ll totally remember the wine and flatbread tip:) Thanks Brianne!

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