A restaurant I wish I brought my kids to, one I’m glad I didn’t and my favorite Seattle window

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A few weeks ago we were craving some prata and I remembered a satay restaurant I’d popped into ages ago.  The restaurant was actually called Satay and it was pretty empty when we came in and our lunch of prata, tofu satay and mee goreng noodles was definitely tasty and almost reminded me of some of our meals in Singapore.  But what would have made this an even more blissful meal was if the kids had eaten with us because there is an AMAZING place in the back for them to play.  Next time I have a playdate with some mom friends this would be a great place to eat and hang out instead of just going to a regular coffee shop.  If there was some ice cold milo or lime juice on the menu then this would be perfect too.  Thankfully Trophy Cupcakes, Molly Moons, Chocolati Cafe and Fainting Goat are all walkably nearby for dessert so this could be an easy way to have a lovely day.

play area at satay seattle

I also had a delightful meal with my parents at Tanakasan when they took me out for lunch last week when they got back from holidays in Oahu.

plate lunch at tanaksan

I really liked my eggplant lunch plate but my dad’s tuna salad bowl was definitely something I’m dreaming about for next time.  The best thing about not having the kids in tow for this meal was that we had a chance to wander around the building and it’s such a neat place. We had some coffee and chocolate at Assembly Hall (and I heard they have an oatmeal buffet bar for breakfast so now I totally want to go back and see what that’s all about) and we perused Remedy the home shop and bought some lovely foodstuffs to try.

coffee at assembly hall

I like that they have things like Bravehorses‘ pretzels, Serious Pie‘s pizza shells and Lola‘s yummy spreads all together so you can make them in your own kitchen on days you don’t feel like going out.

lots of spreads at remedy shop

There is just so much foodie eye-candy in this place and I think the pizza and salad bar in the back would make an easy meal if the hubby could figure out how to carry it home on his bicycle.  I need to remember to get him this attachment for his bike too.

bicycle wine holder

And I know I’m getting a bicycle myself in the next few weeks.  I am running some long runs this summer and I need some kind of other endurance activity so I don’t wreck myself and I figure biking might be a way to combine sports and shopping, so it might become a form of exercise I like.  I think my first couple rides will definitely have to end at City Dog Club in downtown Seattle.  It is the cutest thing ever.  Every time I’ve accidentally found myself in front of this window there have been at least 10 little dogs all running around wildly and I could stand and watch them all day but they probably have rules on dog stalking or something so I try not to stand there for too long. I can’t imagine a cheerier window in all of Seattle and I know if I’m going to ride that far I’m going to need a good reward.  If only they’d put a bakery next to the dog club and a permanent sunlamp up above then we’d totally be set and never leave this town.  So I will probably have to bring my own pastry, but this is definitely going to be my first biking stop.

city dog seattle

(PS. if you know of any cute but functional bikes for getting around a city I’d love to know.  The hubby has a definite idea of what type of bike I need and it is not the least bit cute.)

3 thoughts on “A restaurant I wish I brought my kids to, one I’m glad I didn’t and my favorite Seattle window

  1. I just got myself a road bike (getting into biking as well) and I think it’s really easy to ride and looks cute too. We need to catch up lady 😉

  2. Too many food mentions in this post and I am craving mee goreng now. 😉

    Good for you for wanting to take up biking! I am planning on doing that too this summer (because I don’t run!) and need a new bike. The only one I have right now is one that I used to use when I was 12. LOL. Good luck!

    1. Haha I need to take up biking with all the good places we like to visit;) let me know if you find any fabulous bikes too! My old one is also from when I was a teenager and it’s super heavy!

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