When the founder of an awesome clothing company comes to your house (Sodo Apparel, Seattle, WA)

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I’m not exactly sure how this one happened, but I kind of just went with it and I think that’s the story of my life these days. (I’m trying to add a little more controlled Carpe Diem back into our lives now that the kids are getting older and we’re no longer in the double baby fog.) I was excited when I heard about a new Seattle-based clothing design company called “SODO Apparel” and then I got an email from the PR company that said “Lars will be showing you some product himself.”

Um. Okay. Let’s just meet at my ‘home office’ then.

Never mind that my house was a total disaster or that I forgot to offer coffee or that I had my husband call to make sure that it was in fact Lars Haneberg that showed up and not some serial killer and then I forgot that I did that so I ignored the call a couple times and got this text from the hubby:

text from my hubby

But the man named Lars who created this company and took the time out of his super busy day to show up AT MY HOUSE was very sweet and he has some amazing clothes FOR MEN. (I hope they make a lady’s line soon.) He is very excited about their product and of course that made me excited too. There’s nothing more lovely than someone who is passionate about what they do. I love that he has a long-time friendship with his business partner’s family-apparently they have known each other since childhood.   And I like that he likes things that are efficient, tidy and European. These details are evident in this clothing: thoughtful touches like hidden zippered pockets and no over-the-top visible labels. This is the type of stuff I like to see my husband in.

The sweatshirt is fitted in a flattering he-can-still-eat-lunch-and-the-sweatshirt-still-fits afterward way. And though the stuff is on the spendier side, it feels like it will last and I would pay more because I love that it’s put together in a factory in Spokane. (Oh how I wish I’d asked if I could go visit that factory. I absolutely LOVE factory tours and I really hope they can keep making it there.) You know how I swoon for anything homegrown.

So I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of this Sodo Apparel stuff around and I am certainly glad I survived this meeting and now know a little more about some clothing I can buy my husband.  The hubby got to try out some of the clothing and he even brought the SLU hoodie on our recent trip to Europe and it seems like it was a pretty good travel shirt.  It worked for biking, hiking, eating ice cream and playing around with our guys and it is still in great condition.

renting a bike in Copenhagenice cream in lucerne

And I’m thinking of getting him the Stadium Luxe hoodie next because it looks pretty soft and versatile for Seattle weather and might work with his jersey for Sounders games.  Have you tried this stuff out yet?

(PS. FYI I received some products to try out but the thoughts and opinions are my own and I did not pack it in my husband’s suitcase for the trip.  He did that all on his own.)

(PPS. I just heard they’re starting to sell at another fave store of mine: Nordstroms!!)

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  1. This article made me laugh! You’re hilarious… and an amazing writer. Also, SODO looks awesome! Fantastic that it’s local.

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