My current favorite lunch spot in Pike Place Market (Seattle, WA)

table upstairs in Delaurentis
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I’ve been volunteering at the Pike Place Market in Seattle for a little while now and I’m still surprised that every time I visit I find some place that’s new to me.  There are so many neat little shops and vendors and they are all so unique-the other day I found myself in a corridor I hadn’t explored before and ended up at a miniature car dealer that my guys would just love to see the next time they come to the market with me.

toy collectable shops with kids

I’m definitely excited that the market is expanding this year because it is not only a fabulous shopping and eating venue, but a caring place that supports seniors, low-income neighbors and preschoolers and I don’t think there is any other shopping location in the world quite like our Pike Place Market.

So where do I eat when I stop in at the market?

I’m a little scared to tell you because although this lunch spot is super popular, the tables where I always sit are not and they’re what make this place particularly perfect.

But here goes:

I grab my lunch at the deli in Delaurenti’s, a delightful specialty food and wine store (where I buy my kids’ favorite noodles and hard to find chocolate bars) and I wander up to the area where they sell wine and where I’ve noticed that they’ve added a bunch of tables and chairs.  I get my meal “eat in” instead of “to go” and it comes plated like I’m committing to have a sit-down lunch.  Then I enjoy a quick market lunch that feels way more indulgent than 15-20 minutes usually allows.

My favorite lunch for under 10 dollars in seattle

And in this little alcove, I can still hear the buzz of the market.

I can think about all the things that live on the shelves of the store and how I can use them in my kitchen.

And I can have a few little moments to myself.

All while I’m eating my amazing under 10 dollar farro salad.  (What is not pictured here is the chocolate chunk cookie that is a requirement for any lunch at Delaurentis.  I really don’t know of any more perfect chocolate chunk cookie in Seagle and it’s probably why this is my favorite lunch in Seattle too)

Do you have a favorite market stall or place to eat?  Have you been to Pike Place Market?

(PS. I also have had my eye on the Sound View Cafe and the sandwich shop attached to the Three Girls bakeryand if you’ve been to these places I’d love to hear what you recommend.)



3 thoughts on “My current favorite lunch spot in Pike Place Market (Seattle, WA)

  1. I love Delaurenti’s for pizza and dolmas, cheese samples, little tins of salty things like anchovies and peppers, and pretty much everything else.

    My absolute favorite place for a quick lunch at the Market is Michou deli. I could eat lunch there every single day. They have amazing homemade lemonade, little doughnuts, fresh gazpacho in summer, awesome sandwiches and salads and pastas – everything is fresh and flavorful and delicious. Don’t miss it!

  2. Lauren thanks so much for stopping by! I have yet to eat at Michou and I’m so glad you recommended it! I’ve seen some little donuts in the case when I’ve walked by and have been tempted to try them. I’ll have to put Michou on my “visit-soon” list! Thank you:)

  3. I’m heading to Seattle for the first time next month – thanks for the posts! I’ll definitely be looking through your site for recommendations!

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