A place where you can take a zillion pictures of giraffes without needing a passport (Dallas zoo with kids)

giraffes at the Dallas Zoo are fun to feed with kids
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One of my sons has had a giraffe huggie he has loved since birth and if it’s not his spirit animal I don’t know what is.  So the giraffes at the Dallas Zoo made him and us extremely happy.  They were so majestic and interactive and they seemed to have a lot of free space to roam about.  We stood and watched them for a long time. I love how when kids wonder about animals and think about animals they start to think about how we live. We have so many neat conversations because of our visits with animals around the world.

you can touch and feed the giraffes at the Dallas Zoogiraffes at Dallas Zoo with kidsvisiting the giraffes at Dallas Zoo with kids

We’ve been to many zoos and we really appreciated all the sitting spaces the Dallas Zoo has where people can take a minute and really watch the animals interact with their habitat.The gorilla area especially had the most peaceful area to sit and observe.

Dallas ZooDallas ZOo

And here you could grab a bit of lunch and hang out with the lions.

area by lions at Dallas Zoo

So I’m really glad we made a stop at this zoo.  Kids in Dallas are definitely lucky!  And this is the first zoo where we’ve ever seen a sign like this and it totally made us giggle.

Zoo sign

(PS. we received free admission to visit the Dallas Zoo but we were not required to write a post and the opinions here are definitely my own.  AND the Dallas Zoo would have been on my must visit list regardless of receiving tickets because it seems we can’t stop in a city without visiting their zoo!)



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  1. giraffes are pretty cool! We like some zoos, ones that have a strong conservation work ethos and not just for entertainment/display. I would so love to see giraffes in the wild..hopefully when we get to Africa

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