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On finding my pinterest dream light in real life (building a cabin in the woods)

Can I do a happy dance here? Ages ago I found this light in a pinterest post by Design Milk and I wanted so badly to find it in real life.  I think it would be the perfect light over the long table I want for family dinners at the cabin and when I find […]

We have windows! (Cabin building in the Woods, Snoqualmie Pass)

While we’ve been a little sad about the lack of the snow in the mountains, it hasn’t been horrible for building and hiking and biking with kids in these wintery months has been so fun because it’s so gorgeous and mild.  If you’ve been following our cabin building progress, we’ve learned that building in the […]

We almost have a roof over our heads (cabin building in the woods)

The snow is threatening to fall and we’re oh so close to getting the roof on before we get tons and tons of it in Snoqualmie Pass.  But we’re not quite there yet.  And that’s the nail-biting exciting part of building in a place with a short building season. On our last site visit, I […]

Apparently there are a million fixtures out there (A cabin-building update)

I think that I’ve reached the point in the cabin project where I wish it was more like buying a dress because we’re starting to ACTUALLY pick out fixtures (like sinks, faucets and shower parts) and that’s where what I dream about and what I really can afford or need becomes a reality.  In dress […]

A cabin-building update as we race to beat the snow

If you’ve been following our cabin-building project it’s been quite a fun project and our whole family has been enjoying the process so far. It’s neat learning about how a home is made, choosing how we’re going to utilize our space and imagining how we’re going to live in this place in years to come. […]

A super dark tunnel and a cabin building update

Living with boys is not as horrible as I might have imagined if you told me as a high schooler this is how my life would turn out.  It’s actually mostly lovely and I’m getting used to being outdoors more and embracing all that is frogs, dirt and bugs. But sometimes I do feel like […]

Cabin shopping on a Monday when I should be buying for back to school

I guess it’s the 11th hour and I haven’t bought the perfect lunchbag or my guys’ first day of school outfit, but my inbox is full of a couple winter sales and I can’t help but look forward to this winter because I’m so excited about our cabin project.  (And I’m trying to avoid thinking […]